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Apple’s Steve Jobs D8 Interview Now Available for Download on iTunes

Since the close of the eighth D: All Things Digital conference, we’ve been inundated with requests for a downloadable version of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’s opening night session with co-hosts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. Given their number, we’ve decided to oblige. The full Jobs session is now available on iTunes as both a video and audio podcast.

D8 Video: HTC CEO Peter Chou on Windows and Android

HTC, Taiwan’s largest mobile-phone maker, designs and manufactures devices for Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS and Google’s Android OS. To which is the company more committed? HTC CEO Peter Chou speaks to that question, as well as to the differences between the two platforms–in the video after the jump.

D8 Video: EBay CEO John Donahoe on Digital Wallets, iPhone Apps and the iPad

According to eBay CEO John Donahoe, more people will be buying things with their cellphones than with their wallets within the next two or three years. During his D8 interview this week, Donahoe said mobile devices are increasingly becoming part of the shopping experience. And in support of that claim, he said the company’s iPhone app was responsible for $600 million in volume last year.

D8 Video: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Google

During his D8 interview today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer referred to Google as a “behemoth,” a word that has long been used to describe Microsoft. In the videos after the jump, Ballmer talks about Microsoft’s rivalry with Google in search, the cloud and mobile. And in the second one, he offers Google a bit of antitrust advice.

D8 Video: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on the iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs says the iPad is an entirely new category of device. But to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, it’s just another PC. After the jump, his comments on Apple’s latest device, the tablet form factor and the evolution of the PC.

HTC CEO Peter Chou Live at D8

HTC, a company which once built devices for other brands, is today a powerful brand itself. And CEO Peter Chou is largely responsible for that. Over the past few years, he has transformed HTC from a contract handset manufacturer into a smartphone powerhouse, a company that ranks behind only Nokia, Research in Motion and Apple in global smartphone shipments.
Peter Chou

D8 Video: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Windows Phone and Mobile Leadership

A few years back, Microsoft was ahead of the game in the mobile space. Today, it’s seriously lagging. How did this happen and what’s the company doing to change it? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer answers these questions in the video after the jump.

D8 Video: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie on Cloud Computing

Is the current shift toward Web-based applications and cloud computing a threat to Microsoft? Or is it an opportunity? During their D8 appearance today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie argue that the company can move into the cloud and still protect its legacy software businesses.

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie Live at D8

As an indicator of the headwinds facing Microsoft and its CEO, Steve Ballmer, today, two pieces of news last week are worth considering. The first, that Apple had overtaken Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company, would seem to signal Microsoft is no longer quite the driving force in technology that it once was, particularly in the consumer space. The second, word of a restructuring that will give Ballmer greater oversight of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, indicates the company is scrambling to change this.
Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie

D8 Video: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Privacy

As expected, Facebook’s privacy controls and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s views on privacy figured prominently in his Wednesday appearance at D8. Is the company violating its members’ expectations of privacy? Is it pushing them to overshare? Shouldn’t they be given the option of opting in to the company’s instant personalization feature rather than having it automatically personalize things for them? If you’re looking for straightforward answers to these questions, you’re going to be disappointed. But no matter how Zuckerberg responds, his stance is consistent: He thinks his users want to share their information with the world, and he wants to help them do just that.