D8 Tech Demo: Dell Streak Mini-Tablet

The Streak tablet marks Dell’s entry into a market dominated by Apple (AAPL). Dell, a company that made its name perfecting the “just in time” production model, hopes that now is the right moment to introduce an Android-based device.

Dell (DELL) took a three-bears approach to design, with the Streak fitting between smartphones and iPad-sized tablets.

Dell describes the Streak as both compact and spacious, with a five-inch touchscreen. It will have access to the full suite of Android apps and is billed as a device for gaming, music, connecting with people and even making voice calls.

Here’s the video of the demo, and the liveblog following that.

2:33 pm: Ron Garriques takes the stage to showcase the Dell Streak, a five-inch Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth mini-tablet.

He first shows a video from a projector via a dock that ships with the device.

2:35 pm: Kara asks the size question.

Garriques answers that the device has to be large enough to experience the Internet, but small enough to fit in your top pocket.

He says he has given up the phone entirely in favor of his Streak.

2:36 pm: Garriques says that the five-inch screen is 100 percent larger than the average smartphone screen.

2:37 pm: Kara asks what Dell is calling it. Garriques says he doesn’t call it a phone or tablet.

He says that in Europe, the device is free with a two-year contract, adding that carriers around the world are looking for device partners who can “delight customers.”

Walt asks about the age range for target customers. Garriques’ reply: Nine to 94.

2:40 pm: The Streak will appear in the U.S. toward the end of July and cost about $500 at Dell.com, unlocked.

Garriques says you can store hundreds of movies on the device, but won’t give a hard answer on storage numbers. He mentions that it has both a back- and front-facing camera.

Garriques leaves the stage and D8 goes on a coffee break. Guests at D8 will be able to handle the device at a demo station.

A note about our coverage: This liveblog is not an official transcript of the conversation that occurred onstage. Rather, it is a compilation of quotes, paraphrased statements and ad-lib observations written and posted to the Web as quickly as possible. It is not intended as a transcript and should not be interpreted as one.