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Steve Jobs: AT&T’s iPhone Problems Should Get Better “By the End of the Summer”

Will Apple ditch AT&T for Verizon (VZ) or another carrier? Steve Jobs wouldn’t address that directly tonight at D8. But he did say that AT&T’s well-documented trouble handling calls made with his iPhone should improve soon.

Without actually saying AT&T (T), that is.

Asked a question about miserable call quality in Houston, Jobs said phone calls aren’t Apple’s (AAPL) area of expertise. But he said he’s been told “by people I trust” that the carrier is working hard to fix its capacity problems. Still, he said half-jokingly, experts tell him that “things, when you start to fix them, get worse before they get better. That’s what I’m told. And if you believe that, things should start getting a lot better soon.”

Okay, but more practically, when can iPhone owners expect relief? “I’m told that a lot of places are going to get a lot better by the end of the summer.”

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