D8 Video: Steve Jobs Holds Out Hope That AT&T Can Fix Its iPhone Problem

Sometimes it makes sense to ask a simple, direct question. Like this one, from a D8 attendee to Apple CEO Steve Jobs: When can we start making phone calls with our iPhones?
Steve Jobs

D8 Video: Steve Jobs on Why Apple TV Is a Hobby

Three years ago at D5, Apple CEO Steve Jobs described Apple TV as a hobby. And since then, the company has continued to describe the digital media receiver that way. Indeed, COO Tim Cook referred to it that way at a Goldman Sachs conference this past February. Today Jobs told us why: Apple has no interest in a market that precludes it from rolling out a viable go-to-market strategy.

D8 Video: Steve Jobs on Gizmodo and Missing 4G iPhone

We’ve heard Gizmodo’s version of the 4G iPhone saga. And we’ve heard the San Mateo County Sheriff’s telling of the tale. Here’s Steve Jobs’s take.
Steve Jobs talks Gizmodo

D8 Video: Steve Jobs Explains His iAds Restrictions (And Blames Flurry)

Does Steve Jobs really want to shut out other ad networks from the iPhone and the iPad? No, says the Apple CEO. But he is very intent on locking out third-party analytics firms.
Steve Jobs

D8 Video: Steve Jobs on Google, Android and the iPhone

Apple and Google used to work together. Google CEO Eric Schmidt sat on Apple’s board. Now they’re locked in a fierce battle. What happened? “They decided to compete with us and got more and more serious,” Steve Jobs says.
Steve Jobs

D8 Video: Steve Jobs on the Origins of the iPad

Appleā€™s iPad may have followed the iPhone to market, but it preceded the smartphone conceptually. During a Tuesday evening interview at D8, CEO Steve Jobs said the idea for the iPhone was born of a very early tablet prototype that would years later become the iPad.

D8 Video: Steve Jobs on Flash, Adobe and Other Technology Apple Doesn’t Use Anymore

Steve Jobs insists that he isn’t out to crush Adobe. But at the opening session of the D8 conference, the Apple CEO explained at length why he’s done with Adobe’s Flash: It’s a technology that’s outlived its usefulness, much like floppy disks and serial ports.
Steve Jobs

D8 Photos: Steve Jobs Session

Steve Jobs kicked off the D8 conference on Tuesday evening. Here are the session photos from our conference photographer Asa Mathat.
Steve Jobs photos at D8

Steve Jobs: AT&T’s iPhone Problems Should Get Better “By the End of the Summer”

Will Apple ditch AT&T for Verizon or another carrier? Steve Jobs wouldn’t address that directly tonight at D8. But he did say that AT&T’s well-documented trouble handling calls made with his iPhone should improve soon. How soon? “By the end of the summer.”
Steve Jobs at D8

Steve Jobs: I Can Help Save the Media Business, if It’ll Wise Up and Cut Its Prices

Here’s the pitch Steve Jobs is making to media companies: Cut your prices, and I’ll help you move a lot of product. Speaking at the D8 conference, the Apple CEO said he wants to help save journalism because “I don’t want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers myself. I think we need editorial more than ever.” Ahem. Regardless, “What we have to do is figure out a way to get people to start paying for this hard-earned content.” Okay. So how to do that? “Price it aggressively, and go for volume.”
Steve Jobs